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Strange Ranch Presents

Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms at the Tower Theatre Lounge 

Caleb and Reeb both originally hail from Washington State: Caleb from the coastal San Juan Islands, and Reeb from the high desert plateau of Douglas County. The two have come together in music and are hailed as some of the most compelling musicians making country and bluegrass roots music in America today. Sometimes we get so unnecessarily swept up in who’s rising and falling in music that the sheer joy of music is overlooked. Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms are a world apart from all of that. Their music lets you immerse yourself in the melody and story of a song until all other cares of life fade away. These two have long been at the heart of the Pacific Northwest music scene, with an eye towards good times and an ear towards the deepest songs and tunes, quietly pursuing a music vision without much care for what’s expected or in vogue at the time. There’s a lot to admire in this singular perseverance and honesty. 

For the last few years they have been building a venerable bluegrass band to take on the road. The band is a cast of West Coast all-stars made up of: Zach Sharpe on upright bass (The Bowties), Jack Kinney on banjo (The Bowties, Central Valley Boys), and Brandon Godman on fiddle (Laurie Lewis and the Right Hands), who are all deeply a part of the strong fabric of the California bluegrass scene. Reeb and Caleb work intuitively, bringing the spirit of legendary country duos to the stage. The blend of true harmonies, sharply-written songs, and the un-showy authenticity strike a rich vein that embodies the soulfulness of hard-driving early bluegrass while standing firmly in the present day.

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