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Few musical artists résumés list membership in a band inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; fewer still can lay claim to being a  founding member of the seminal band credited with creating Country Rock; and only one artist can include all the above  in addition to being one half of the most successful duos of the 1970s.

A supremely talented guitarist, Jim Messina began working with the legendary band Buffalo Springfield in 1966 as a recording engineer on their second album Buffalo Springfield  Again. In 1967, at the request of the group and Atlantic Records founder and president Ahmet Ertegun, Messina was asked to produce the band’s third and final album. Shortly thereafter, he replaced Bruce Palmer, the bass player, touring and recording with  the band up until completion and release of their album Last Time Around. 

In 1968, when Buffalo Springfield disbanded, Messina signed a contract with Epic Records as a producer and a recording artist. Along with fellow Buffalo Springfield member Richie Furay, he formed Poco (originally named “Pogo” after the famous comic strip character). The band’s aptly titled 1969 debut Pickin’ Up The Pieces is the only debut album ever to receive a perfect rating from Rolling Stone magazine; the landmark album laid the blueprint for the then new musical genre uniting country with rock music and it blazed the pathway for future multi-million selling artists like the Eagles.

On the band’s, self-titled second album, Poco (also released in 1969), Messina  both produced and penned the band’s first hit single "You Better Think Twice”  which has endured as one of the group’s signature songs. A copy of the Poco  album now hangs in the Country Music Hall Of Fame in Nashville. After producing three albums for the band, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Poco and Deliverin’  (recorded live in 1970 and released in 1971) - Messina departed and signed on  as an independent producer with ColumbiaRecords. 
In November of 1970, Messina opened up his living room to record a number of compositions for a promising young songwriter  
named Kenny Loggins. With the songs Loggins presented leaning more toward folk (a style Messina felt could resign Loggins to the “past”), Messina suggested to Columbia Records president Clive Davis that he consider letting Messina “sit in” in much the same way that jazz artists had done in the past, and that Loggins incorporate more upbeat material into his album.
Says Loggins: “Right from the beginning, Jimmy was the producer, I was the artist. I’d never made a record. I’d never put a band together. I’d never found a manager or an agent. So, Jimmy was the leader...” Leading the way as producer, arranger, vocalist, and guitarist, and contributing the signature songs “Listen To A Country Song” (subsequently also recorded by country music legend Lynn Anderson who had a #3 hit with the song in 1972) “Nobody But You,” “Same Old Wine” and “Peace Of Mind” (from “Trilogy”) the album Kenny Loggins with Jim Messina Sittin' In was released one year later in November of 1971 and an accidental duo was born.
In the next few years, a series of albums would follow in rapid order:1972’s  Loggins & Messina, 1973’s Full Sail, 1974’s double-live On Stage, the same  year’s Mother Lode, 1975’s cover song set So Fine and 1976’s Native Sons.  The Best of Friends greatest hits collection followed later that year and in  1977 another live album fittingly called Finale. When the dust had settled,  Loggins & Messina had sold sixteen million albums, become one of rock’s  biggest live draws, and cemented their legacy as one of the most successful  recording duos ever.

Following the split with Loggins, Messina recorded four critically acclaimed solo albums:  1979’s sublime Latin rock with a touch of jazz album Oasis; 1981’s eponymous Messina featuring guest performances by Jeff Pocaro, Joe Pocaro and Victor Feldman; 1983’s One More Mile; and 1996’s re-imagined retrospective of concert favorites Watching The River Run Revisited. 

Messina reunited with Poco for the 1989 album Legacy, and established the Songwriters’ Performance Workshop whose purpose, explains Messina, “is to empower the amateur to let go of the fear and embrace the joy of writing and performing their original music.”  
In 2004, Messina joined Loggins at a benefit at Santa Barbara’s Arlington Theater  and the nearly three decade gap was bridged in an instant; says Loggins: “As  soon as we hit the harmonies, I was struck by the fact that I hadn’t heard that  sound in a long time,” he says. “It hit me like the Everly Brothers hit me the first  time they got back together. There was something that in thirty years I had not  been able to duplicate with anyone else. There was a spark that I’d completely  forgotten about. It's still there!”
That spark fueled a series of festive shows in 2005 with the duo playing their seminal songs that, says Messina “spoke to a generation, not just to a radio station.” The resulting sold out nationwide tour culminated in the CD and DVD release Loggins & Messina Live - Sittin' in Again at Santa Barbara Bowl. Messina also excavated, remastered and released a single disc collection of the original master analog recordings that he had produced and mixed for the duo during  their tenure at Columbia Records entitled The Best: Sittin' in Again.
Not one to rest on his laurels, Messina’s next musical journey found him releasing the  Latin-tinged EP Under a Mojito Moon: Part 1  
in 2009 containing new Messina originals  recorded only on his Flamenco guitar with  
sounds reminiscent of Spain and Cuba.  Most recently, Messina has released two  live albums. In 2010 he released both a DVD and CD entitled Jim Messina “LIVE”  at The Clark Center for the Performing Arts. It contains the video and audio performances of his musical body of works, those he performed with The Buffalo Springfield, Poco and  Loggins and Messina, including a number of his newest songs such as She’s  Gotta Rock and Sinners and Saints.
Messina’s most recent album release, Jim Messina “In The Groove”  with special guest Rusty Young was recorded live in concert at The Clark Center and The Lobero Theater in Santa Barbara. It has been released both on a 12” Vinyl LP, as well as on an 8 gig “Flash Drive” the size of a credit card and is entitled Jim Messina “Access  All’ Music/Video/Data, and can be used  for future downloads and discounts. Because the vinyl LP can only hold 71 minutes of recorded music, it only contains the concert set and not the encore. 
However, since the “Flash Drive” is 8 gigs, it holds the entire 101-minute  concert and encore. In addition, the Flash Drive contains a 27-minute video  Encore (You Need a Man and Your Mama Don’t Dance”), the album’s  artwork, the original set list (that was edited down) and the song lyrics.

The album LP Vinyl and the “Digital Flash Drive” contain a number of new  songs, many of which Jim didn’t have room for on his previous “LIVE”  album. Since Rusty Young is Jim’s special guest at this concert evening,  Jim wanted to include Rusty on the songs that they recorded together  while working on the Buffalo Springfield and Poco projects. Songs like;  Child’s Claim to Fame, Kind Woman, You Better Think Twice, and a few  more surprises to boot!  

Now, nearly 50 years after first stepping into the studio with Stephen Stills,  Neil Young and Richie Furay to engineer Buffalo Springfield Again, Jim  Messina is hitting the road with guitar in hand to tell the stories and sing the  songs that made Buffalo Springfield, Poco, and Loggins & Messina, iconic  American groups.
Concludes Messina: “The road most traveled in my innocence was with this band  of poets, and is the same road that “Twists and Turns” as I journey along my  musical road of life. For ‘I ride with “Sinners” and I sing with “Saints” and I do  what I can to avoid what I cain’t, I’ll pass on the judgment, now you make the  call, I’m a playin’ my hand. Oh.. the way the cards fall.’ ”

In 1975 Pablo Cruise released its first A&M album simply entitled Pablo Cruise. The album cover  was shot in the tropical gardens of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park and it featured a huge  gorilla standing front and center. The band, David Jenkins (guitars, vocals), Cory  Lerios(keyboards, vocals), Bud Cockerel (bass, vocals) and Steve Price (drums, percussion) were  no where in sight. At that point there was a bit of a mystique surrounding Pablo Cruise and  when asked what Pablo Cruise meant, the well-rehearsed answer went something like this:  “Pablo”, represents an honest, real, down to earth individual, and “Cruise” depicts his fun  loving, easy going attitude towards life: In essence that’s what Pablo Cruise music is all about.  Honest, real down to earth vocals, accompanied by fun yet elegant, infectious grooves. To hear  Pablo Cruise on record is one thing, but to experience the band live is an exhilarating event! 

From 1975 to 1985 the band toured the United States, Canada and Japan extensively,  welcoming fans to “Climb Aboard The Good Ship Pablo Cruise.” Reaching the top 10 with mega  hits like “Whatcha Gonna Do When She Says Goodbye?” and “Love Will Find A Way,”and  several other top 20’s, the band went on to sell several million albums and singles collectively  and established themselves as well respected writers and performers within the industry. They  appeared on numerous TV shows, including Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, The Merv Griffin  Show, The Dinah Shore Hour and in 1979 they broke Elvis Presley’s attendance record at the  Sahara Tahoe in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, becoming the first rock band to play a casino  showroom. They also became the first rock band to grace the stage at the Grand Ole Opry, but  by 1985 after completing several national tours and releasing 7 studio albums in all, the band  decided to take a hiatus……one that lasted nearly 20 years. 

Fast forward 20 years…..In 2005 a reunited Pablo Cruise picked up where they left off and today  the band performs all over the U.S. and Canada and they’re enjoying it more than ever….Since  getting back together, they have released two live CD’s and a DVD all through Sony Music  documenting their exceptional live shows. “One of the great things about playing shows after  all these years is that the core band, David, Steve and myself are still here and lovin’ it, says  Cory! Going out and playing shows these days gives us the opportunity to not only pay tribute  to our timeless repertoire, it gives us a chance to see old friends and fans from back in the day  as well as gaining a whole new audience!” Today Pablo Cruise is bringing more energy and  excitement to the stage than ever before and with the addition of Larry Antonino and Robbie  Wyckoff, the band has never sounded better….. If you get an opportunity to see Pablo Cruise  live, don’t pass it up…… ”IT’S GOOD TO BE LIVE” 

Founding Members 

DAVID JENKINS (guitar, vocals) 

Throughout the late 80’s, original lead vocalist David Jenkins continued touring and garnered  acclaim in world of country music with the slightly ahead of their time country-rock band  Southern Pacific. As they racked up hits like “Midnight Highway,” the chart topper “New Shade  of Blue” and “Honey I Dare You” (co-written by Jenkins) the band toured all over the U.S. In  1992 Dave connected with Hawaii’s native son Kapono Beamer, and in ’95 the duo released the  album “Cruisin’ on Hawaiian Time,” that became a critics favorite as well as being nominated  for Hawaii’s prestigious Hoku Award for “Album Of The Year”. Dave has recorded with 

many music industry greats such as: Micky Hart, Buddy Miles, The Jefferson Starship, Huey  Lewis, The Doobie Bros. to name just a few!….Since ’99 Jenkins has joined forces with the  composite group, Rock & Pop Masters, that includes some of the 

great singers of the ’70’s and ’80’s. In May of 2011, Dave traveled to Iraq to perform for the  troops with Bobby Kimball (Toto) and Bill Champlin (Chicago)… The troops were thrilled to have  them even though the band barely escaped being blown off the stage…. for real!!! (Dave’s  credits) 

CORY LERIOS (keys, vocals) 

Pianist, vocalist Cory Lerios decided to turn his writing and producing skills to Film and  Television. In 1986 he landed his first scoring opportunity when he was asked to write the  music for the now “cult classic” “One Crazy Summer” starring Demi Moore and John Cusack. In  1987 Lerios landed his first network series, scoring ABC’s critically acclaimed “Max Headroom.”  ABC’s “O’Hara and “Police Story” immediately followed. Writing to “picture” became Cory’s  new found passion and in 1989 Cory partnered with long time friend and composer John  D’Andrea. Together they formed Lerios D’Andrea Musicworks and aside from scoring 300  episodes of “Baywatch,” they garnered several Emmy Nominations and won the coveted award  for “Music Direction for soap “Days Of Our Lives.” Lerios D’Andrea Musicworks went on to  produce countless hours of TV scores and themes including “Diagnosis Murder,”“Flipper,” and  “Marshall Law.” In 2005 Lerios and D’Andrea parted ways and Cory has continued to write  themes and underscore for several shows including Disney’s “Kim Possible,” Universal’s “Land  Before Time.” In 2015 Cory released an EP under his pseudonym, “Cory  

Charles” entitled “If I Could Change Anything, It Would Be You.” (Cory’s credits 

New Members 

LARRY ANTONINO (bass, vocals) 

Bassist and vocalist extraordinaire Larry Antonino is a very busy musician and aside from  playing with Pablo Cruise, Larry has kept 

his calendar full through the years, playing with the some of music’s finest. Air Supply, Barry  Manilow, Ronnie Laws, Jeff Beck and 

Al Jarreu, Jennifer Holiday, Bobby Caldwell all share one thing in common and that’s Larry  Antonino. Larry also had a classic role in 

the Tom Hanks movie “That Thing You Do” where he appeared as “The Wolfman”…. If you saw  the movie, Larry’s role was 

unforgettable! Pablo Cruise is thrilled to have him on board as his rich vocals and extraordinary  bass playing fills out the Pablo 

Cruise signature sound! (Larry’s credits) 

ROBBIE WYCKOFF (vocals, percussion) 

The newest member of Pablo Cruise, Robbie Wyckoff, Lead Vocals and percussion has a huge  history in not only live performance, 

but television and film as well. Robbie recently finished up 5 years of international touring with  The Roger Waters Band. (Pink Floyd) Robbie has also shared the stage with Michael McDonald, 

Keith Emerson, The Gregg Rolie Band, Jackson Brown, and Barbara Streisand to name a few. His  voice can be heard on several Disney T.V. series including Phineas and Ferb, The Emperor’s New  Skool, The Replacements and he’s appeared on The Voice, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. As  

soon as Robbie hit the stage with his amazingly powerful voice and presence it was as if he’d  been singing with Pablo Cruise since it’s inception! (Robbie’s credits) 

SERGIO GONZALEZ (drums, percussion) 

Veteran Drummer, Sergio Gonzalez has played, recorded and performed live with many top  artists including Jennifer Lopez, Queen Larifah, Steve Martin, Gavin Degraw, Don Was, Jessie J  and Keb Mo. Simply said, Sergio likes to hit things. A professional "hit man" if you will, but he  hits them in such and extraordinary way, that it has allowed him to perform all over the world,  twice over. He has performed privately for the Queen of England and the Sultan of Brunei. After  high school he was invited to play with a traveling gospel group and traveled around the world  for three years. His highlight was playing in Bethlehem, Israel on Christmas Eve. Soon after that  he auditioned for the main show Band at Walt Disney World in Florida, working there for three  years, then transferring over to Disneyland, California for three more years. It was there where  he started meeting and playing with some very talented and special friends whom he is very  grateful to have in his life. Sergio's has a vast range of experience from World music, Jazz, R&B,  Rock and Latin meld together to create his unique and personal style and groove. Sergio  continues to make his mark in the music industry currently performing with the band Pablo  Cruise. (Sergio's credits)

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