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John Waters. Is he a cautionary contrarian, a reactionary radical, or a true devil’s advocate? In this all-new, fast-moving, part-confessional, part-inquisitional comic spoken word show, the filth elder known for his “transgressive” films and his “subversive” books salutes the new gender-guerilla generation of today for doing the impossible - actually making him nervous. Together, he demands, we must form a new rainbow of rancid colors and seize back the sexual revolution from the self-righteousness of the left and the intolerance of the right. A new middle-of-the-road madness that uses humor as terrorism, wit as ammunition. A happy family of all-age, cuckoo crossover: hip-hop hippies, pansy punks, queer gangstas, down-low hos, and shit-kicking skeezers. We’re here. We sneer. Don’t get used to us. John Waters - he’s the Devil’s Advocate and his questions must be answered.

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